Missed Lessons
Students are responsible for attending all scheduled lessons. Students who are unable to attend their lesson and cannot attend a make-up lesson are not entitled to financial reimbursement (see below for exceptions).

Make-Up Lessons
Students can either have a lesson at a different day/time or add additional minutes to their next scheduled lessons to make-up for a missed lesson. Make-up lessons are subject to availability in the schedule and are not guaranteed.

Refunded Lessons
Student absences on account of inclement weather, medical emergencies, or federal holidays are refunded if a make-up lesson cannot be held. Similarly, if I have to cancel a lesson students are entitled to a make-up lesson or financial reimbursement.

Cessation of Lessons
I reserve the right to terminate lessons due to repeated lack of timely payment. Students that wish to discontinue lessons are asked to please provide one month’s notice so that I can reschedule their time slot without loss of income.

Fiddle, Mandolin, Nyckelharpa