Lectures and Demonstrations
I’m committed to sharing music with the public in multiple ways, which goes beyond a simple concert setting. I have given the following lectures at universities, primary and secondary schools, libraries, and festivals:

– A Brief History of Irish Traditional Music
– “Regional Styles” in Traditional Irish Fiddle Playing
– A Survey of Recorded Irish Music
– Irish Music in America
– The History and Development of the Violin
– The Thousand-Year History of the Nyckelharpa

All lectures are accompanied by a slideshow, audio clips, and some level of demonstration. If you are curious about a topic that is not listed here, I would love to discuss your needs and develop a new lecture for you.

Workshops and Group Classes
I am available for teaching workshops and group courses for all levels of experience. Whether teaching to a large audience in a festival workshop tent or working with a small group of school music students, I have had great success in one-off workshops on the following topics:

– Learn an Irish tune (multi-instrument)
– Playing Violin in an Irish Style
– Violin Ergonomics 101
– Play Without Pain

If you are part of an organization that is interested in starting a regularly scheduled music class (for example, a fiddle class for beginners), I can assist in program planning and teaching. I have laid the groundwork for several successful classes over the years and would love to help you spread the joy of music.

If you are interested in having me speak at your organization or help you start a new educational venture please feel free to contact me today.

Fiddle, Mandolin, Nyckelharpa